Do... or do not. There is no try.
— Master Yoda
Scott and Kim

Our Work Bio's

Kimberly K. Studham is a serial entrepreneur.  She is founder of WindrockIT a company specializing in helping new parents who work in the Information Technology industry but elect to take extended paternity leave partner with non-profts that are in need of technology professionals and are flexible about work-life-balance.  

Kim also renovates and rehabilitates homes while being the primary homeschooling parent.

Scott is passionate about many things, but most of all about personalized education via technology.  He is a change agent that has played instrumental roles in building a high-performing technology platforms to help drive the academic mission of major Universities and Research Laboratories. 

An emerging voice on the power of personalized, computer-assisted learning technologies, The Studham's draws on nearly 20 years of experience to offer a compelling point of view on the role these technologies can play in American education. They maintain that institutions that embrace the transformative potential of these technologies will enjoy a competitive advantage in education’s rapidly changing landscape.  


Our Home Bio

Kim and Scott began dating when we were 18 years old and living in Pullman, Wash.  We met our first day of school at Washington State University, and have a date night every Saturday for the last 22 years. Together we have lived in 29 different houses. We enjoy traveling and trying new things.

Ryan (15) and Ally (13) were born in Annapolis, Md., and Richland, Wash., respectively. They are both homeschooled and enjoy reading and trying new things (they would rather eat sushi than hamburgers).

In 2014, the kids learned how to speak Chinese, earned their SCUBA certifications and that college sports are better than professional sports.  Ryan is a second degree black belt and Ally is a first degree. For our 15th wedding anniversary, the family went on a surprise “39 clues” scavenger hunt to New Orleans, Paris, London, Studham England, Cairo Egypt and Amsterdam.

Scott's past hobbies have included competitive beer and BBQ judging and, to counteract the impact those have had on his waistline, he is currently training for his first Ironman event in October 2015.